ONE UMMAH have partnered with KAWTHER DATES to provide authentic Ajwa dates directly from Medina (Saudi Arabia) delivered to your door step.
 (United Kingdom ONLY)

The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said: 
"If somebody takes some 'Ajwa dates every morning, he will not be affected by poison or magic on that day till night." [Bukhari]

400 Grams Ajwa Box
1 Box Ajwa Dates - £10 (+delivery)
2 Boxes - £20 (+delivery)
3 Boxes - £30 (FREE Delivery)
5 Boxes - £50 (FREE Delivery)
10 Boxes - £90 (1 FREE box + FREE delivery)
24 Boxes - £200 (4 FREE boxes + FREE delivery)
1 month Supply of Dates - £40 (FREE Delivery)

800 Grams Ajwa Box
1 box Ajwa Dates - £20 (FREE DELIVERY)
2 Boxes - £40 (FREE DELIVERY)
3 Boxes - £60 (FREE DELIVERY)
5 Boxes - £90 (FREE DELIVERY)
11 Boxes - £170 (1 FREE BOX + FREE DELIVERY)
22 Boxes - £320 (2 FREE BOXES + FREE DELIVERY)
33 Boxes - £475 (3 FREE BOXES + FREE DELIVERY)

NOTE: Delivery will be 3-4 working days insha Allah.

1 - Cultivation

Grown in the fertile and ancient Medina city – Ajwa Dates are one of the highest quality of dates demanded worldwide. Bigger, creamier, and fruitier than other dates, we strive to provide you the highest quality of Ajwa you can possibly find.

2 - Handpicked

Once fully grown, Ajwa dates are carefully picked by farmers, workers, and families.

3 - Packing House

After being graded and processed under the supervision of experts, Ajwa dates are then packaged in attractive and durable boxes.

Ajwa Dates

At Kawthar Dates we make every effort to bring you fresh, succulent beautiful dates in every box.
From the date farms of Madinah, Rich, soft, chewy and mild in sweetness, the unique flavour of ajwa dates sets them apart from all other varieties.

Our large, genuine A-grade Ajwa, are hand-selected for size, quality and consistency. Once selected, they are carefully cleaned and packaged to ensure they reach you in the best condition. Elegantly boxed and one of the most sought after varieties of date in the world, our Ajwa would make the perfect gift for friends and family or simply a great way to treat yourself and stay healthy!

With numerous health benefits; improving heart function, digestion, and regulating blood pressure, to name a few, Ajwa dates are one of the world’s finest super-foods.

At Kawthar, we do not add or take away anything from our dates. That includes the use of additives, preservatives or sugar, as we believe simple and natural is best. 

Indigenous to Medina - Ajwa dates – the king of dates – are delicious, succulent, and free from all preservatives and additives. High in potassium and fibre, Ajwa dates are a naturally sweet, healthy and tasty treat.
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